Beekeeping Tips
Queen Marking  Color Chart
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  2 or 7
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  4 or 9
  5 or 0

Control by using a Yellow Jacket Trap (2 liter soda bottle):

Make by inserting (2 DADANT M00911 CONICAL BEE ESCAPES) by cutting
crooshair slits to accept the cones on opposing sides 1/2 way up the
container, if you want to bee fancy! Insert cone (funnel) into cut.
Work cone(funnel) side to side to tighten against bottle. Otherwise
two 1/2 inch hole will work (burn or drill). For best results add
small holes (ice pick size) on top of bottle to help ventilate the
attractant. The success of the trap depends on ventilating the

Add attractant to bottle, replace cap and use stout string to
suspend the bottle 3 to 4 feet off the ground.

Placement of traps:

1. Place or hang trap within 20 feet of hives.

2. Trap works best in morning sun and afternoon shade in areas with
hot temperatures.

3. Place trap where there is air movement but not strong wind.

4. If you do not catch many wasps or hornets, change the location,
leaving the trap in new location for at least two days.

Caution: Due to the extreme effectiveness of the attractant, use
caution when placing and maintaining traps.


Experiment using either 1 thru 3 or combination thereof:

1. 2 Cups of sweet fruit juice (apple of pineapple) and 3 tablespoons

2. Sweetened water and sweetened vinegar in equal parts.

3. Sweetened water and beer in equal parts.

Add several drops of mild dish soap (unscented recommended) to the
above. The detergent will break the surface tension easily drowning
the pests.


1. Replace 2-liter bottle and attractant every 2 to 3 weeks.
More often in hot dry weather.

2. Make sure all wasps are dead before emptying trap. If any are
still alive, place trap in the freezer for several hours, then

3. Experiment with different colored bottles.

During late summer and fall, yellow jackets, hornets and other wasps
prefer carbohydrates (sweets) rather than protein (meat/fish).

Winter die off eliminates all but the queens who hibernate during
the winter.

Remember that hornets and wasp have their place in the environs.
Control is what you are after not elimination.

Keep you bee hives strong and they will maintain.

Bee friendly,