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Honeybee Photos
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Drone Cells
great brood pattern
surrounding a queen
cell in the center of a
Seven to Ten day old
Larvae and some
capped brood
Open Air Hive 30 Feet
up in a Oak Tree
One of our Member
pointing their pretty
One of our Member
inspecting their hive
Member inspecting.  
Notice comb it become
darker  as each
season pass. Still good!
One of our Member
inspecting their hive
Another member
inspecting a  hive  
went queen less,
drone cells in honey
problems with Wax
larvae.  Remove larvae
new larvae every three
Same hive three day
later Wax moths and
wax moth larvae.  
Remove larvae and
moths, check for new
larvae every three
Attempted re-queen,
Hygienic  Red dot
queen 2008

Six days later
Replaced bottom
board with a screen
small hive beetle trap.
Notice wax moth
larvea and a bunches
of  small hive beetle
it but was able to save
Inspecting another  
hive 2007 queen still
laying strong plenty of
White along top of the
frame is capped honey.
Same hive queen been
busy plenty of 1 to 7
days old larvae.  Off
capped honey. The
bright yellow is pollen
Inspecting another  
have a queen excluded
brood. Off white is all  
capped honey.
sweet nectar from the
black gum trees