Welsh Honey Juding
Meet Ray Vickerman, our very own Welsh
Honey Judge.
There must not be any type of label on the jars.

When judging extracted honey, the judges consider the following characteristics of each entry:  

Cleanliness of the jar and lid  

Correct fill level (See photograph below)  

Uniformity of the three jars that comprise the entry

Cleanliness and clarity of the honey

Moisture content

Aroma and flavor

This is a photograph of a one pound classic honey jar that has a 48mm diameter mouth.  The
purpose of the picture, however, is to show clearly the correct fill level.  It also shows some things
that are more difficult to see:  The inside rim of the mouth of the jar above the honey has bits of
'stuff' adhering to it that should be wiped off before placing into the  competition.  The outside of
the jar also shows numerous smears that must be removed.  This jar is not competition ready!

Keep in mind that a wonderful honey can be eliminated if the technical details haven't been
tended to.   Information about preparing entries follows this section about the Rules.

Black jar

We provide the black jars.  An entry is one jar.  The honey will be transferred into the jar by the

Black jar honey is judged on flavor only.